Services Offered

  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory
  • Laser Therapy


  • Ellis Flora, DVM
  • Mei Mei Welker, DVM
  • Amy Horlings, DVM

About the Provider

Powell Veterinary Center is the oldest veterinary clinic in the city still located at its original site. The clinic was built by Dr. Kreitzer in 1929, and served as both his residence and clinic. Its original name was Canine Clinic and Hospital as it reflected the only species considered to be a valuable enough pet to warrant spending money on. Until that era the vast majority of veterinarians were trained to treat only the livestock and working animals of the time. Some of our clients and their families still tell us stories of having to ring the doorbell to enter and of being seated in Dr. Kreitzer’s living room until he was ready to see their pet. Yes, he was always willing to see cats too, but they were not commonly kept as pets in that era.

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