Services Offered

  • General Wellness
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Surgery Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • Travel Certificates
  • End of Life Care
  • Accreditations & Certifications


  • Dr. T.J. Palvino
  • Dr. Christine Cao
  • Dr. Allison Lott
  • Dr. Ashley Somers
  • Dr. Sarah DeCiero

About the Provider

Austin Vet Hospital has been here for the care of family pets for over 50 years! We are a full-service veterinary clinic for dogs and cats.

Our staff of well-trained professionals are here and ready to serve you in the time of need for your pet. Not only do we pride ourselves with our work, we also offer quality care for all the life stages of your pet.

Come see us at Austin Vet Hospital today!

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