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  • Dr. Moller
  • Dr. Sinnott, DVM
  • Dr. Wallen

About the Provider

Stewart Veterinary Group is a small Los Angeles based animal general practice equipped to perform x-rays, dentistry, ultrasound, and general surgery.

We have both digital regular x-ray and digital dental x-ray to offer, both using new machinery and software with the ability to send and receive x-ray studies electronically. With our ultrasound, we are capable of abdominal and cardiac exams, and we can share studies electronically with specialists should we need to. Dental cleanings and extractions have never been easier, and new equipment lessens the time a pet must be under anesthesia.

We also perform an array of day to day services which include annual physical examinations, vaccines, new puppy or kitten checks, as well as health certificates for national and international travel.

We may have a new building, but the faces you see will be the same faces you and your pets have come to know over the years.

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