Services Offered

  • Vaccinations & Prevention
  • Routine Exams
  • Internal Medicine
  • Dental Care
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Care
  • Senior Pet Care
  • Puppies & Kittens


  • Dr. Rober Cotter
  • Dr. Jen Poad
  • Dr. Bob Foglia
  • Dr. Dorit Katz
  • Dr. Graciela Guzman

About the Provider

We put your pet’s long-term health first by focusing on preventive care. Our team at Downtown Animal Care Center steadfastly believes in prevention as the key to maintaining our patients’ long-term health and well-being so we encourage our clients to keep a schedule of vaccinations and routine exams.

You’ll love our highly skilled, compassionate veterinarians. Our veterinarians and in-house staff work closely to provide integrated, multi-modal care geared to your pet’s needs. When it comes to your pet’s health and well-being, our experienced team makes the difference.

We offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof. From core care services such as dental care and internal medicine to treatment and geriatric care, we offer specialized care for our patients. From puppy or kittenhood through their senior years, you can count on us to provide compassionate, comprehensive care and diagnoses.

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